Wheeled brushcutters

Wheeled brushcutters

The Blue Bird wheeled brushcutters are particularly suited to deal with large areas, with very high grass and in presence of underbrush. Designed for mowing of hills and sloppy areas, can be an effective alternative to the traditional brushcutters with rigid shaft or backpack. The Blue Bird models are equipped with large wheels – that make the machine extremely agile and maneuverable – or small wheels with deep grooves that ensure exceptional traction even on very rugged terrains and in presence of steep slopes. Wheeled brushcutters are also equipped with a wide range of cutting applications that meet all the needs of the user. The choice of the cutting system depends on the type of work you will be doing and how you want to cut the grass. The cut with the blade ensures a high degree of shredding of the grass. Cutting with the nylon line, instead, ensures a medium degree of grinding and is effective for trimming around plants, walls, or to work in nurseries and crops.Finally, the rotor, a device equipped with four rotating andretractable (in the event of a collision) knives, allows mowing grass without crumbling it and therefore is perfect for thecollecting with grass of any height.


Traction lever

Brake lever

Adjustable handle bars

8” Wheels


Steel blade

Steel carter