Discover the new generation of Blue Bird Industries pruning shears: significantly increased speed and power!

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PS 23-25 ​​FASTER pruning shears are the big news, a development that is described on three different fronts by referring to the name of the product:

23: signifying a new series, still very high quality materials, but an evolution of the product.

25: because the cutting diameter can easily reach 25 mm.

FASTER: because it cuts extremely fast, so fast that you won’t be able to confuse it.

The new generation of Blue Bird pruning shears are a complete change of pace. PS 23-25 ​​FASTER has unique characteristics

+30% speed

+10% power

Advanced electronic management of the electric motor

Increased functionality and performance

We proudly introduce our latest creation in the field of electric pruning shears: the pruning shears with a nominal voltage of 10.8 V and an exceptional maximum voltage of 12.6 V. This tool was designed to meet the needs of professionals and cutting enthusiasts in a wide range of applications.

Our pruning shears have been upgraded with a 30% increased cutting speed and 10% increased cutting power. This means your work will be done more efficiently and with less effort. The advanced electronic management of the electric motor guarantees constant and reliable performance in any situation.

The pruning shears are powered by two 12.6 V – 2.5 Ah lithium batteries, which guarantee sufficient autonomy to complete your projects without frequent interruptions. Furthermore, the charging time varies from 2.5 to 4.5 hours, ensuring rapid resumption of work.

Despite all these advanced features, our scissors remain light and easy to handle, weighing just 900 grams, battery included. This makes it ideal for prolonged use without tiring the operator.

In summary, our battery-powered scissors represent the latest frontier in cutting technology, with exceptional performance, versatility and reliability. Choose quality and innovation, choose our scissors.

Technical data

Rated voltage10.8 V
Max voltage12.6 V
Cutting diameter25 mm max
Cutting options2 openings + progessive cut
Cutting speedincreased by 30%
Cutting powerincreased by 10%
Lithium batteryn. 2 included - 12.6 V - 2.5 Ah
Charging time2,5 - 4,5 h
Weight with battery included900 gr