SG 22-10

The new SPRAYER SG 22-10 available in the BLUE BIRD INDUSTRIES range is a battery-powered sprayer-atomizer ideal for the use of detergents, insecticides, pesticides and much more. The atomized liquid is reduced into very small particles so as to uniformly sprinkle all the surfaces to be treated. It can be used for sanitation, sanitation of the environment, disinfestation, and all those processes where nebulization is required.

Among the main advantages we can highlight its manageability and lightness in use during work, the accuracy in the orientation of the jet, the power adjustment and the provision of 6 UV LEDs for greater antibacterial efficacy.

Technical features

BatteriaLitio 12.6V / 2.5Ah
Sebatoio liquido1 litro
Pressione massima pompa10 bar
Peso0.8 kg