Saw Bench


The 140mm circular saw bench is an excellent machine for cutting logs. It is an effective and efficient wood cutting machine that significantly reduces the operator’s workload.
This is a power bench saw with a 2200W single-phase electric motor. It features a 405mm diameter hardened steel disc blade with a 30mm hole and 32 teeth which, combined with the power of the engine, reaches a maximum cutting capacity of 140mm.
The work surface can accommodate logs to be processed with a length from 300 to 1000mm.
In addition to guaranteeing excellent performance, this table saw is truly safe as it is equipped with a safety guard which prevents splinters of wood from reaching the operator’s face or hands.
This machine combines ease of use with working efficiency and will prove extremely useful for users requiring logs, offering quick and convenient work with a notable reduction in effort. Thanks to its convenient position on the stand, this table saw is also suitable for those with less experience.

Technical features

Blades405x30 mm
Cutting capacity140mm
Engine230V, 50Hz
Power2200 W
Level of protection from dust, liquids:IP54
Blade rpm2800/min
Weight56.6 kg