Round titanium power nylon line

Besides producing the most varied types of brushcutters, Blue Bird offers, for these machines, a wide range of accessories, in order to guarantee the right tool for every type of job.
Among the accessories we mention the chain pruner, which is indispensable for having a perfect pruning; the hedge trimmer kit, to be applied to the trimmer shaft for cutting hedges and bushes even at high heights and at the most different inclinations; the very useful hoes group, various types of handles, fix stabilizers for a regular cut of the grass, shoulder bands, helmets, face-shields in polycarbonate and metallic net, goggles and cowling. To conclude, let us remember the greaser for gear box and the synthetic oil in 25 bottles packaging which is indispensable for a mixture of excellent quality, to ensure long life to your engines.

Technical features

Ø 2.5Ø 3.0Ø 3.5Ø 4.0
mt 80
COD. 546720
mt 56
COD. 546730
mt 41
COD. 546740
mt 29
COD. 547550
mt 15
COD. 546690
mt 15
COD. 546700
mt 15
COD. 546710
mt 360
COD. 546750
mt 240
COD. 546760
mt 210
COD. 546770
mt 150
COD. 548030
mt 1800
COD. 546750-10k
mt 1200
COD. 546760-10k
mt 1050
COD. 546770-10k
mt 700