Olive Harvester

EGEO 22-50

Blue Bird has developed its range of dazzlers thinking of all types of needs, without sacrificing the quality of a product that must always be performing and the Italian manufacturing wisdom. The comfort of use is increasingly important in the choice of the product, so Blue Bird does everything to meet the needs of the user by choosing durable but extremely light materials, studying compact engine shapes for easier penetration between the branches, including cables of great length that allow a good freedom of movement, limiting the vibration and noise transmitted to the operator.

The new EGEO 22-50 model is compatible with both 21V and 50.4V batteries for those who want to have more autonomy. With a working width of 500mm and a 3-speed adjustment is a great tool for all types of work

Technical features

Maximum oscillation angle22'
Rod materialAluminium
Maximum rod length1700mm
N. combs4+4
Control panelOLED Display
Weight (excluded battery)2.8 Kg