Motor Pump

SEH - 50X

The Blue Bird motor pumps range includes models equipped with HONDA and KOSHIN engines, coupled to a pump unit manufactured by the Japanese company KOSHIN, a world leader in the sector. Powerful, lightweight, reliable, the Blue Bird motor pumps are ideal for watering gardens and small crops and are also used in the construction industry.


Professional motor pumps are equipped with self-priming centrifugal pumps. The high quality and robustness of these machines meet the requirements of the most demanding professionals and they are an indispensable aid for irrigation, watering or flushing vast basins with extreme speed. In the wide range offered by Blue Bird you can find motor pumps with 1 “, 2″ or 3 ” connections. A high pressure model for special applications is also available.

Technical features

Honda engineGX 120 - 4 stroke
Displacement 118 cc
Power 2.6 kW (3.5 CV) 3600 rpm
Fuel petrol
Hose couplings Ø 2”
Max. lift 30 m
Max. delivery600 l/min
Max. suction head 8 m
Net weight * 24 kg
Dimensions 493 x 377 x 415 mm
Note Oil level alert
* Weight without fuel and oil