Motor Drill

BB 52

The Blue Bird motor drills are the last generation tools for perforation and demolition. The high quality of these products is unmatched on the market. With the right balance of power and handling, they are useful even in extreme situations and not only in the standard yards.


The Blue bird motor drills were tested with success in the most inaccessible places: from deserts to glaciers of Greenland to the high peaks of the Andes. Designed to work outdoors, where electricity is not available, they allow much greater autonomy than thebattery tools.

Technical features

Blue Bird engine2 stroke*
Displacement53.2 cc
Power2.4 kW (2.45 HP)/ 7500 rpm
Fuel2% Synthetic oil mix
BeaterBosch UBH 12-520
Nominal revolution N°.0-220 rpm
Max N°. Of beat0-2150 rpm
Impact energy per stroke19 Joule
Drill holderSDS-max
Drilling capacity52 mm on concrete with twist drill
55 mm on concrete with break through drill bit
90 mm on brickwork with core bit
Weight**15.3 kg
Dimensions mm870 x 270 x 300 h
*2% Synthetic oil mix
**Weight without fuel