Mini excavator

MEX 600

The MEX 600 mini excavator is a compact and versatile machine designed to dig, lift and move materials in narrow or difficult to access spaces. It is widely used in different industries, such as construction, agriculture, landscaping and infrastructure maintenance. The versatility of the mini excavator is an important aspect. It can be used for digging foundations, trenches, drainage channels, leveling land, loading and unloading materials onto vehicles and much more. He is a precious ally.

The model that Blue Bird Industries offers is an efficient compact machine suitable for carrying out excavation work with ease. With an operating weight of 562kg, it can handle a wide range of tasks.

The width of the bucket is 290 mm with a capacity of 0.011 m³, ensuring a good material collection capacity. The powerful 306cc petrol engine provides the power needed for digging tasks. Starting is via key, offering easy starting and stopping the engine. Furthermore, there is also a RECOIL starting system to ensure greater reliability.

The machine offers a travel speed of 2.1 km/h and a tractive force of 4.36 kN, allowing for smooth movement and good maneuverability. The oscillation speed is 7.5 rpm, while the maximum slope degree is 25°, allowing effective management even on inclined terrain.

The machine features a rubber track system with a width of 150 mm which gives it stability and mobility on different terrains. This feature allows you to operate on uneven surfaces or rough terrain with good grip. Furthermore, the articulated mechanical arm allows you to reach narrow areas and dig at variable depths.

The helm station features intuitive and accessible controls, as well as safety features such as rollover protection systems and a parking brake with a hydraulic lock for added safety when parking and stopping

The mini excavator is appreciated for its efficiency and time saving. Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily transported on trailers or vans, allowing you to quickly reach the job site. In summary, it is a powerful, versatile and compact machine that offers an efficient solution for a wide range of excavation and earthmoving jobs.


The augers are made of thick steel, as well as the drill tip and the cutter; the gears of the gearbox are incase-hardened and tempered steel, of great reliability and long life. With the Blue Bird earth augersyou will be able to work safely and complete your job in short time. The latest addition to the range is the micro-vibration post hole maker TR-WAVE: especially designed for piling, allows to halve the time and effort required to make holes in the ground, thanks to the special tip that penetrates the ground with micro- lateral vibrations produced by the unique patented system.

Technical features

Working weight562 kg
Bucket capacity0.011m³
Digging force(arm)4.75 kN (485 kgf)
Digging force(bucket)8 kN (815 kgf)
Engine306cc, gas
Starterkey operated, on and off + recoil
Travel speed2.1 km/h
Pull force4.36 kN
Swing speed7.5 rpm
Slope degree25°
Movement typeRubber tracks
Parking brakeHydraulic block



Roll bar + roof


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