Hedge Trimmers

HTK 230-J60

In the Blue Bird hedge trimmers range you can always find the right model according to your needs, designed to satisfy both private and professional users. The internal combustion engine models are equipped withhigh quality blades, which guarantee a clean cut, indispensable both for the aesthetic result of your work and to protect the health of the plants.


The ergonomics of their design guarantees easy handling and use, combined with all the power you need to work without any difficulty even on the strongest hedges. Model TJ 23 is equipped with a reliable Kawasaki engine, which delivers all the power needed for the job with a perfect balance of the machine.The adjustable handle allows working at 180 ° in the safest andmost comfortable cutting position for the operator.

Technical features

Kawasaki engineTJ 23 V - 2 stroke*
Displacement23.3 cc
Power0.63 kW/7500 rpm
Blade length60 cm
Blade typeDouble guided cutting bars
TeethOn both sides
Tooth pitch28 mm
Adjustable handleOn 5 positions at 180°
Weight**5.4 kg
*2% synthetic oil mixture
**Weight without mixture