The Blue Bird crawler carrier is a faithful workmate in all situations where heavy loads need to be moved easily, even in the presence of steep slopes. The compact dimensions make it ideal for use on terraces and areas with limited maneuver spaces.
Precautions such as the track tensioning springs, the piston that helps the operator in tipping the loading area and the expandable and removable sides, make the Blue Bird crawler carrier a complete and extremely reliable machine.

Technical features

Engine Loncin - 4 stroke
Displacement 196 cc
Power 6.5 Hp
Trasmission 3 forward speeds + reverse
Load capacity 300 kg
Dumper box dimensions 910÷1040 x 600÷860
Dumper box height 204 mm + banks
Overturning dumper manual with piston
Track width 180 mm con molle tendi cingolo
Weight 178 kg
Snow blades optional