BS 22-400


The new battery operated blower-sprayer BS 22-400 allows not only to clear the fallen leaves but also to sanitize and sanitize the environment.
In the blower function the maximum air speed is 45 m/s while the volume is 400 m³/s. In the sprayer function the maximum range is 8 m with a tank capacity of 3 lt.
The BS 22-400 is equipped with brushless motor with power equal to 400W and works with lithium battery with maximum voltage from 21V – 5 Ah.

Technical features

nominal voltage18 V
maximum voltage21 V
Power400 W
BatteryLithius battery 21 V - 5 Ah
velcoità maximum air45 m/s
maximum air volume800 m3/h
maximum range6 m
tank capacity3 l
heavy (battery)670 gr