The wide range of two-stroke engines – ranging from 27 cc to a maximum displacement of 58 cc, is fully designed and manufactured by Blue Bird Industries, which counts on over 30 years’ experience in this field. These engines supply the suitable power source for many sectors (agriculture, industry, construction etc.) and manifold uses. Power, great performance and reliability over time, make the Blue Bird engine a faithful and tireless tool at your service. Blue Bird is always carefully studying and improving each single engine component to eliminate unnecessary weight, decrease the noise level and vibration, and increase productivity, enhancing and modernizing the design. The P series (“Quick”) is equipped with integrated clutch drum support, which makes these engines ideal for application to the transmission shaft as the one of the brush cutter. On the other hand, the N series (“Flash”) offers greater versatility of use, thanks to the direct connection to the centrifugal clutch. The complete range of Euro 2 environmentally friendly engines has substantially reduced the amount of polluting exhaust emissions, and thus complies with the strictest industry standards.


Carburetor with primer

Double air filter

Spark plug


Fuel tank