Blue Bird Planet

Blue Bird produces a complete range of machines and accessories for garden care and maintenance, forestry work, and agriculture.Whether you are a private or a professional you will find tools, advices and assistance because Blue Bird is a planet where nature is the protagonist along with everything you need to take care of it.

Our mission

We are keen to engender the fulfilment of our customers and partners by making the best machinery for green care and by providing all our energy and assistance.We believe in people, the value of work, and the strength of partnership.We are an independent company aiming to continue building a common future.

Naturally together

Together is a word that fully represents Blue Bird: together in the company, together with our retailers, together with everyone who uses our products. Blue Bird is there. Close to nature and people, of course!We are very determined: everyone who will use one of our machines must have immediate benefits, satisfaction, greatly facilitated work, and a complete pre-sales and after-sales support. Every machine is meant to prove to be a reliable and loyal partner, just like Blue Bird.

The new logo

Our new logo describes us through graphic signs and colours. It takes its origin from our history and with its dynamic and decisive lines speaks to us of technicality, concreteness, and innovative capacity. Blue Bird is a fixed point to go far, together.

Our roots

The company was founded in December 1978 as a producer of brush cutters and lawn edgers with internal combustion engines of its own design. The market impact of the new machines had a favourable outcome by prompting the company to invest in new moulds and equipment to expand the range of its machines. In the following years BLUE BIRD continued to update and expand its product range, eventually acquiring in 2005 the production of an entire line of wheeled brush cutters for professional and semi-professional users, which proved to be a great market hit.

Our products

The latest addition is the line of machines powered by long-lasting, interchangeable lithium batteries. Our constantly updated range includes petrol engines, brush cutters, lawn edgers, lawn mowers, vacuums cleaners/blowers, hedge trimmers, lawn tractors, lawnmowers, bio-shredders, chainsaws, winches, log splitters, pruners, scissors, olive shakers, earth augers, motor tillers, carriers, motor pumps and many accessories.With the new European regulations coming in, which limit the emission of unburned gases into the atmosphere from engines, Blue Bird has designed and developed a new range of five environmentally friendly engines.

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